This book takes a donald all the way to middle school facing challenges the whole way, but the one thing that never changes is his heart. He deals with “the furnace monster” but also more serious problems, mean big kids, making friends, and other things like that but he keeps going no matter what happens, happiness and love with him every second of the way. in the end a little girl named Claudia goes missing, he stays up all night looking for her not knowing she has already been found. The next day everybody is making fun of him, but one boy understands, when he chooses donald for his team he is delighted! Maybe Donald Zinkoff isn’t such a loser after all.


The Cavendish Home For Boys And Girls

Victoria loves everything to be perfect and  just right, but this scary story is not a land full of candy and rainbows. In this remarkably scary and exciting story full of spiders, smiles to big to be real and cobweb filled passageways Victoria ends up getting a little dirty!